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myfontbookHaving a big variety of fonts installed on your system is both a blessing and a curse: at some point you lost count on how many fonts you have installed and most importantly: which fonts. The best solution is having an application which displays a preview of your installed fonts so you'll know which one to use and when. For this you can use myFontbook which is a web application (so you don't have to install anything on your computer) that shows you a preview of all your fonts in an organized panel.

It find all your fonts in seconds and displays them in a small preview while at the bottom you can see the entire character set, chose a custom text to see how it would look like, special characters and some more options. Another thing for which myFontbook is great is that it helps you organize and catalog your fonts. One thing that really interests me is if it works or not on Linux but unfortunately I am currently at a computer which only has Windows installed but I'll update this post tonight when I'll be able to test myFontbook on my Linux machine.

Update: Yes, myFontbook works on Linux too, thanks Ariel!

myFontbook is a free and requires no registration, but if you want to save your preferences, you will have to register for an account.

[via Punto Geek]