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opera aero

Aero Glass User interface was introduced in Windows Vista and continued in Windows 7 also. Currently only two browsers support Aero: Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and it is expected that Opera 11 will have Aero Style.

But you don’t need to wait until Opera 11 to enjoy Aero style tabs since Rafael Oliveira has found a hack to enable Aero in Opera 9 and Opera 10. He has also made available the Aero enabled Opra skin which you can download and apply on your Opera browser to enjoy Aero Glass style tabs.

Along with the Aero Hack, Rafael has also added a hack to remove title bar from Opera to emulate Google Chrome style.

Download Aero Glass Style Tabbar Opera Skin (Rapidshare)

Download Aero Glass Style Tabbar Opera Skin (Mediafire)

How to Apply Aero Style Tab-bar Opera skin

1. Download Aero Glass Style Tabbar Opera Skin using on eof the above links

2. Extract the content of operahacks.zip

2. Copy Aero.zip from above extracted zip file to Opera\Skin\ folder

3. Now start Opera and go to Tools -> Appearance -> Choose AERO on the list

4. Now execute OperaAero.exe present in operahacks.zip

How to Remove Opera Title Bar

To remove the titlebar, put windowstyle.exe directly in C:\ and open the buttons.html in Opera. Click the links in this file to add the Minimize, Restore, Maximize and Close buttons to the toolbar.

[via blogsdna]