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Yakuake is a drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology which looks like the Quake console coming down from the top of your desktop when you press F12.

yakuake 2.9.6


* Smoothly rolls down from the top of your screen
* Tabbed interface
* Configurable dimensions and animation speed
* Skinnable
* Sophisticated DCOP / D-Bus interface

The current Yakuake version in the Ubuntu Jaunty repository is 2.9.4. But the latest version, 2.9.6 was released about 2 months ago:

Yakuake 2.9.6 is a hotfix release taking care of a nasty bug in the interactive renaming of sessions that appears to have been around for a while, but had managed to escape notice until today. As a bonus, it also updates the default skin graphics to feature the current rather than the old application icon. For more detail, see the changelog below.

As befitting a ".5" release, Yakuake 2.9.5 brings new features in addition to the usual bugfixes and improvements. Of particular note are new options to prevent the accidental closing of sessions and to disable keyboard input for sessions, as well as the ability to reorder tabs by drag and drop. There is also a new way to indicate which terminal in a multi-terminal session has gained focus when moving focus between terminals, and the D-Bus interface has again been expanded to allow for more and easier scripting.

More details.

Install Yakuake in Ubuntu from a .deb file

Currently you can only download Yakuake 2.9.6 source packages and RPM packages for Fedora 10 and 11 but I crated a .deb file for Ubuntu Jaunty users which you can download:

Yakuake 2.9.6 Ubuntu Jaunty .deb package