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QuotePad is a Windows application which saves the text selected on the screen without forgetting its source. Why is this useful? Because most information entered into your computer notepad is copied and pasted from somewhere. With QuotePad, you can do it with maximum efficiency: just select some text in any application, press Ctrl+Shift+Q and the selected text will be saved to QuotePad together with the URL of the webpage it was copied from.

QuotePad features:

* Windows 7 ready
* Reminders
* Quick filtering
* Automatic backup
* Multilanguage interface
* Timestamping
* Checklist
* Print

QuotePad works like most other note-taking applications—you simply select some text and use the Shift+Ctrl+Q shortcut key combination to create a new note, which automatically adds a link referencing the source page. You can pin the application to the side of the screen, or easily filter through the notes with the included search feature and there's even a feature to export the notes as a plain text file.

Download QuotePad