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gmail beta

New York Times reports that Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk are coming out of beta today. Google hopes to convince businesses that the applications are good enough to be used in a corporate environment. "For business customers, it is an important sign in terms of the maturity of our product offering and commitment to this business. I've had C.I.O.s tell me that they would not consider a product labeled beta," explained a Google employee.

"Some people think we should wait until we launch < one of ongoing secret projects >. Others say that, over the last five years, a beta culture has grown around web apps, such that the very meaning of "beta" is debatable. And rather than the packaged, stagnant software of decades past, we're moving to a world of rapid developmental cycles where products like Gmail continue to change indefinitely."

It’s essentially just a symbolic move at this point, but you have to wonder if it will trickle down to other companies, many of which have become fond of using “Beta” (or even “Alpha”) tags on their products longer than you might expect, in emulation of Google.

However, if you’d like to keep the “Beta” tag on your Gmail, you can now enable a “Back to Beta” option in Google Labs.