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I was telling you about my problems with Pulseaudio in Ubuntu Linux and how I managed to fix them. Fixing the sound muted after restart issue was an easy one, my biggest problem was that after a system restart, Pulseaudio stopped working and I had to keep reinstalling it. I did not find a fix for this so far, but I did managed to find a workaround. Here's what I did:

I created a file in my home folder called "fix_pulseaudio.sh" with the following commands:
sleep 20 && pulseaudio -k >/dev/null 2>&1
sleep 30 && pulseaudio -D
sleep 35 && pulseaudio ;
If you log in as root which is not recommended but I'll write how to do it anyway, put --system after sleep 30 && pulseaudio -D. Then I went tot System > Preferences > Startup Applications and clicked "Add", then in the command field I wrote the path to the newly created file:

And after restarting the computer, Pulseaudio works again in my Ubuntu machine.