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Some of the below keyboard shortcuts are very well known but others I must say I had no idea they exist and are really handy, such as "Home" for going to the top of the page. Take a look and maybe you will find some very useful keyboard shortcut for Firefox that you had no idea it existed:

To go back one page, press "Alt-Left Arrow".
To go forward one page, press "Alt-Right Arrow".
To go to your default homepage, press "Alt-Home".
To reload a page, press "f5".
To stop a page loading, press "esc".
To go to the top of the page, press "Home".
To go to the bottom, press "End".

To cut, copy, paste, print, undo, etc, just use the normal key combinations you would use in any other program. IE, Alt-C for copy, etc.

Press "ctrl-f" to open the find dialog so you can search for something.
Press "f3" to find the same item again. (assumes you already have something in the find dialog box)

Windows and Tabs
Press "ctrl-w" or "ctrl-f4" to close a tab.
Press "ctrl-shift-w" or "alt-f4" to close a window.
Press "ctrl-t" to create a new tab.
Press "ctrl-n" for a new window.
"ctrl-tab" and "ctrl-shift-tab" allow you to go to the next or previous tabs respectively.
"ctrl-shift-t" allows you to reopen a tab you may have closed, intentionally or otherwise. (this one's a real life saver for me!)

Tools and Misc
"ctrl-d" bookmarks the current page.
"ctrl-b" opens up your bookmarks.
"ctrl-h" opens up your history so you can browse it and see where you've been. History is also searchable from this window as well.
"f11" toggles whether the browser operates full screen or not.
"f1" opens the help dialog.

[via http://www.raiden.net]