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[Linux / Ubuntu] Easy-Union is a Nautilus extension which allow to create "union points" in which the content of multiple directories appear, thus providing an easy way to organize data (for example by making the content of "video" folder on a USB key to appear in the same folder as videos stored on the local hard-disk).

Technically it uses fuse-unionfs and remember the list of dirs to mount to mount them when session starts or when they appear if they were not available at session start.

How to use

After installing it either restart your computer or restart Nautilus:

killall nautilus && nautilus
Then right click a folder and select "Properties" > you will see a new tab called "Union". There you can select that the folders you want to be a part of the "union". You will then see under "Places" a new mount point where the folders you selected for the union will be displayed together. To remove a mount point, simply click on the unmount icon.

Download - Ubuntu (.deb)

[via kaeltas]