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Su.pr is a new URL shortening service from StumbleUpon which besides the normal short url service, also helps your content get discovered! Every Su.pr URL exposes your content to StumbleUpon's nearly 8 million users.

The service is currently in private beta, but TechCrunch has 250 invites: enter the promotional code: suprtc

Mashable & RRW also offer invites, so you can register using this promo codes: suprmash, suprrww or suprww.

The key for this new service is obviously the stats. They are similar to what you’d find using bit.ly, except that Su.pr is plugged into Stumbleupon, which gives each link an extra distribution push. Each link can then be voted upon by the StumbleUpon community, and if it becomes popular, it can take on a new life. For StumbleUpon, it is a way to seed the service with links people are already pushing out to their real-time streams. StumbleUpon links take longer to gain momentum, so one benefit is that it could extend the life of good links.

The urls use a top bar so that when people visit those link, they are also able vote them on StumbleUpon.