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Google Translator Toolkit is a new service that lets you translate documents by editing the translations automatically generated by Google.

Google Translator Toolkit allows human translators to work faster and more accurately, aided by technologies like Google Translate.


This service can be used to translate web pages, documents from your computer and so on. Here is how it works: after importing a document, Google generates the translation and displays it next to the original text. Then you can select a sentence from the original doc and Google lets you edit it.

You can select a sentence from the original document and Google lets you edit the translation.

Google Translator Toolkit also uses a database of existing translations and searches within this database to see if that text was already translated:

As you translate new sentences, we automatically search all available translation memories for previous translations similar to your new sentence. If such sentences exist, we rank and then show them to you. Comparing your translation to previous human translations improves consistency and saves you time: you can reuse previous translations or adjust them to create new, more contextually appropriate translations.

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