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You can now get an @linux.com email address even if you don't work for SourceForge/OSDN - all you need to do is join the Linux Foundation which will allow you - starting tomorrow - to get an individual membership which includes an @Linux.com email address, for $99. The Linux.com domain was acquired by the Linux Foundation in March and was re-launched in May.

"The collective results of thousands of individual contributions are what have paved the way for Linux. This membership class enables more people to have an impact on the operating system while enjoying benefits such as major discounts off of industry events," said Jim Zemlin, executive director at the Linux Foundation in a statement."And, if you are tired of the e-mail roysmith3526@mail.com now is your chance to switch to roy@linux.com."

Just one question remains: what will the money be used for?

[credits: blog.internetnews.com]