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I use about 30 Firefox addons and all of them work with Firefox 3.5, after 2 little tricks:

1. Open Firefox and type about:config in the address bar. Then click the button promising to be careful.

2. Right-click anywhere on the screen, choose: New > Bolean and name this bolean:
Press OK. Then set it to false and press OK again.

Update: for Firefox 3.6, the above line should be:

3. Now right-click again anywhere choose New > Boolean and make the name of this one:
and set the value of that one to false.

Another way to override Firefox Addon compatibility is to use Nightly Tester Tools (this will also work for themes).

Also, what to do if the install button is disabled on Mozilla Addons?

addon install

Click on "See all versions":

firefox addons

And now you are able to install anny Firefox extension:

firefox extension