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Some time ago we wrote about a great Google Reader userscript called MacOSX Snow Leopard and today I present to you: Google Reader Redesigned which is a part of Google Redesigned Firefox Addon which includes Gmail, Google Reader and GCal skins. You can install the addon which includes them all, or just one by using or Stylish Firefox addon.

First, a look at the Google Reader Redesigned theme:


GReader Redesigned comes pre-installed with the Google Redesigned extension so that's one way to install it. The second alternative installation is to use Stylish.

Installation for Stylish:

  1. Make sure you have Firefox and Stylish installed
  2. On the Google Reader Redesigned webpage, click on the "View Source" button.
  3. Select all the text and Copy it.
  4. Right-click the Stylish icon in the bottom right corner of the browser and select Write New Style > Blank Style
  5. Paste the content you copied into it, name it something like GReader Redesigned and save it.
  6. Refresh your Google Reader.

How to get the Feed Favicons

If for MacOSX Snow Leopard GReader theme we needed Show Feed Favicons userscript (for Greasemonkey), for Google Reader Redesigned that userscript will not work, and you must use this userscript instead: Google Reader Favicon++ (for Greasemonkey).