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Gnome Ultimate Edition Theme is an impressive theme pack which completely changes the Ubuntu look.

Among the things included in this pack are:

  • 1 GDM Login
  • 1 GTK theme
  • 1 Emerald theme
  • 1 Metacity theme
  • 1 Sound scheme
  • 1 Font
  • 1 Icon set
  • 1 Cursor set
  • 1 Compiz fusion splash
  • 1 Grub splash screen
  • 1 Firefox Theme

All you have to do is download the theme from this link (approx. 60 megs), then install it (it's a .DEB file), and find it in Appearance > Themes:


(obviously each theme must be installed for the applications you want to use: Emerald Theme from Emerald, Firefox the same, etc.).

[via Gnu/Linux Atelier]