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history killer proHistory Killer Pro is a Windows application which removes any trace of possibly compromising files. The program is designed to protect your privacy by cleaning up history data and internet tracks on your computer.

Cleaning up the internet browsing history, temp files, cookies, autocomplete forms and so on has never been easier. History Killer Pro can clean all this for you, no matter what browser you use (works with IE, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc). It even cleans your Google Toolbar history. You can also set up some scheduled cleaning tasks. For instance, if you use Firefox, you can have History Killer Pro clean up your Firefox browsing history when you close Firefox.

But that's not all History Killer Pro can do. It also cleans your recent documents and Office & Windows Accessories (Windows Media Player, Wordpad, etc) registry values, Windows temp files, Recicle Bin, prefetch files, run history, event logs and so on.

For a complete list of features, visit this page.

History Killer Pro has a price of $24.95 but the History Killer Pro devs have been kind enough to offer Web Upd8 readers some free registration keys. To receive your free license, comment on this post using the form below by using your real email address. After receiving the serial by email, download History Killer Pro from here. You will receive your registration key by email. You will never hear from us again after receiving the key, so don't worry about spam.

Update: I have run out of free registration keys.