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Pidgin, the well-known multi-protocol and cross-platform instant messaging client does not encrypt archives so everyone can read them if they know where they are placed on your hard drive. And it's quite easy to find them, on Linux they are in:

So it would be wise to encrypt your conversations so that only when you login into your Pidgin account you can read them.

Encrypt Pidgin Conversations

1. Install Pidgin Off-The-Rectord Messaging plugin:
sudo apt-get install pidgin-otr

2. Run Pidgin, go to Tools > Plugins and check "Off-the-record Messaging", then click on "Config" (at the bottom) and then on the "Generate" button to generate a fingerprint.

3. When entering a conversation you will see a new button on the upper right side of the input. Click on it and then select "Start private conversation" whenever you want to chat in private mode.