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Dailymotion, the French video portal, released a beta version of it's website that uses the open videos capabilities offered by the HTML5 released in the new Firefox 3.5 (currently still in beta). This means that you will no longer need a plugin such as Flash Player or Silverlight and videos will be played with HTML 5 video player which uses JavaScript, CSS3, SVG filters and PNGs, while the encoding is made using the open source video codec Ogg Theora.

To be able to use this beta version of DailyMotion, users must use Firefox 3.5 which includes a decoder for Ogg Theora and its audio equivalent Vorbis.

The code is currently optimised for the Mozilla browser, but, according to the Dailymotion-blog, they "would be happy to work more closely with developers from WebKit and Opera."

[via h-online]