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ClickHeat is a visual presentation of the zones your visitors click within your website. ClickHeat is an OpenSource software, released under GPL licence, and free of charge.



- on the browser's client: Javascript (tested on Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Konqueror)
- on the server: either Linux or Windows (since ClickHeat 1.3 release), Apache or Lighttpd (other may work fine), PHP, the graphic library GD2 (PNG support needed)

Step by step instructions on how to install and set up ClickHeat:

Please note that you need a web host to run ClickHeat, but you can use it to track clicks from any other website.

1. Download ClickHeat

2. Extract the contents and upload the clickheat folder to a webserver that meets the requirements (see above).

3. Go to http://your-host.com/clickheat/index.php, where "your-host.com" is the host where you uploaded the clickheat directory and /clickheat/index assumes you uploaded the clickheat folder into the root directory.

4. When prompted to configure ClickHeat, leave everything 'as is' (if you don't know what each option does) except the "Domain names (separated by commas) allowed to log clicks on this server" field where you must enter the domain name for the website which you plan on using ClickHeat on, then input an username and password and click "Check configuration", then "Save configuration".

5. Go to http://your-host.com/clickheat/index.php and click "Javascript", enter a name for your website and check one of these:
-use a keyword: if you want all the clicks to be tracked as a single page
-use webpage's title: to create logs for each page (and view them separately) based on the page title
-use webpage's URL: to create logs for each page (and view them separately) based on the page url

6. Copy the Javascript code from step 5 into your website's template/source code.

Now all you have to do is visit http://your-host.com/clickheat/index.php and you will see where everyone clicks, using a color heat map.

You can see a demo on how this works by going to this page and entering: username: demo, password: demo.