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gimp gradients

If you use Gimp intensively, you may have noticed that the default gradients are very few and this is why you may want to download 30 new, web 2.0 gradients for Gimp. With these pre-made gradients you can easily make cool web 2.0 headers, backgrounds, button, and almost any web based designs will always need some nice gradient affect to it and instead of creating them using multiple layers all you need is to use the Gradient fill tool to apply the effects.

To install these gradients (layer styles) in Ubuntu, download the files (see download link at the end of the post), then go to .gimp-2.x (if you have the latest version, it's .gimp-2.6) directory in your home folder) - which is a hidden folder so press Ctrl + H to see the hidden files). Then go to the gradients folder and place the downloaded ggr files there. If you cannot find that folder, paste this in the Nautilus Location:

Under Windows, the ggr files must be placed in: C:\Documents and Settings\<your_username>\.gimp-2.6\gradients.

Download the 30 web 2.0 Gimp gradients

Via: NeoTux | Credits: Gimp-Tutorials