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McAfee, one of the world’s largest security technology company, has revealed the most dangerous search terms on the internet and say that searches for Free Music Downloads, Lyrics, or Screensavers are very likely to lead to Adware or Malware laden sites.

McAfee researched over 2600 popular keywords and found that the riskiest set of keyword variations was “screensavers” - 6 out of top 10 search results contain malware! The single riskiest search term “lyrics” - one in every 2 sites will have malware!

Free is not exactly free - clicking on search results with word “free” has a 21.3 percent chance of infecting your computer with spyware, spam, adware, viruses and other malware. Even “Work from home” searches can be about 4 times riskier than the average risk for all popular terms.

Download the McAfee report - The Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms (.pdf) and read the results in detail.

[via quickonlinetips]