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It's amazing how easy it is to create certain actions on folders and / or files using Nautilus scripts. Here is a collection of many scripts installable from a deb package. Some are very useful, others less but they might come in handy sometime.

The scripts included here are:
* Auto Thumbnail
* Browse as root
* Convert image to GIF
* Convert image to JPG
* Convert image to PNG
* Copy to ...
* Copy to Desktop
* Copy to Download
* Copy to Home
* Link to ...
* Link to Desktop
* Link to Download
* Link to Home
* list.txt
* MakeGDM
* MakeUsplash
* MountISO
* Move to ...
* Move to Desktop
* Move to Download
* Move to Home
* Open with gedit
* Open with gedit as root
* Search in current folder
* Set image as wallpaper
* Terminal Here
* Terminator

Download the .DEB package.

[via ubuntutips]