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photobucketFiretask is a free application which can be used to schedule automated tasks in Windows. Windows comes with a Task Scheduler but it has its limitations and does not offer as much flexibility as Firetask does. You can use it to run programs, take incremented screenshots, copy files and folders, display message dialogs and run DNM scripts. It comes with a scripting language which makes it easier to create some very sophisticated tasks.

On running the application for the first time, you can also download some ready to use tasks from the Internet or can add some tasks on your own. The tasks can be triggered by using a hotkey or at a particular time. It gives you a lot of option while adding a new task. You can select the title of the task, the days of the week it should run, should it start as the system starts or run at a particular time or with a hotkey. It can even be used to monitor your applications and close unwanted applications the moment they run. You can even use it to run some programs at a specified time or remind you about something. You can even schedule some copy paste tasks or modify the clipboard contents. If you are familiar with scripting languages, you can use it to create some advanced and sophisticated tasks.

The program is a very good alternative to windows task scheduler as it offers some good features. It is a freeware and runs on Windows.

[via whoismadhur.com]