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Now that extension support is baked in to Google Chrome, it's likely only a matter of time until we start seeing some really interesting ones appearing. We've already got a preliminary AdBlock and some notifiers, but Cleeki might be the most compelling extension to come along.

Firefox and IE have been able to use Cleeki for ages. It's an excellent way to simplify searching while you browse. Highlight some text, hover over it, and click where you'd like to search. Rather than leave the current web page, Cleeki opens a picture-in-picture results window. Resubmitting to another site is as painless as clicking its icon.

The settings page isn't very functional yet, which is a bit disappointing. As it stands, Cleeki is still a very useful addition to Chrome and it will only get better as the developers have time to finish the port.

[via downloadsquad.com]