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I am always taking screenshots of this, that and the other for all the various writing projects I have going on the Web. For me, finding something that makes that job even a little ‘bit easier, is a great thing indeed. This is where the Pict Uploader comes into play.

This Firefox add-on integrates with your browser to provide a way to make screenshots with one click, and if you wish upload them to the Pict.com image hosting service.

Here are some of the other features Pict Uploader will provide:

  • Capture screenshots of websites
  • Capture screenshot of whole website
  • Capture screenshot of visible area
  • Capture screenshot of custom selected area
  • Edit screenshots
  • Save screenshots in jpg/png formats

Well worth trying out, especially if you do any daily screen captures. You can pick up the Pict Uploader on the Firefox add-ons web site.

[via firefoxfacts]