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Tynt Tracer is an anti-plagiarism tool that allows you to fight a little bit with the content theft. Every time someone will run a copy-paste on your pages, Tynt Tracer automatically inserts a portion of text with the title of the post and a backlink to it. For example: Read more: "my site" - a URL. After registering for an account, there will be some code you need to insert into your website.

This of course will only help you if the person that uses copy/paste is not careful with what he pastes. The problem is that the author of the hard copy-paste the link and leave sooner or later if they notice.

But there's more to Tynt Tracer than this: each time users highlight or copy/paste content from your site, Tynt Tracer records that user action and the copied content giving you unique insight into how users engage with your site. You learn exactly what content users are interested in. Page Views and Time Spent on Site are only part of the engagement story - when a user is moved to take action on your site, you know they are impacted by that content.

Tynt Tracer dashboard

And one last tip: to get something back from RSS aggregators (websites that copy your feed content and publish it automatically), always put a link at the bottom of your feed. For that, you can use a Wordpress plugin such as RSS Footer or in Blogger, go to your Dashboard > Settings > Site Feed and put some html containing a link back to your website, under "Post Feed Footer".

[via maestroalberto.it]