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photobucketPhotoshop SpeedUp allows you to selectively disable plugins to speed up start time and increase performance of Photoshop. If there are plugins you never use there is no harm in disabling them, on the off chance you do need them while working in Photoshop they'll be loaded then. You can also set Photoshop to not load Adobe fonts CMap and Base. In addition to disabling items you can optimize the amount of system memory Photoshop will use. If at any time things feel weird or quirky you can run Photoshop SpeedUp again and hit the Restore button to turn it back to its pre-optimized state.

The documentation for Photoshop SpeedUp indicates that it's for Photoshop versions 3 through 8 only, but in our testing it also worked on higher versions of Photoshop. This may indicate that the structure of Photoshop hasn't changed enough to break the tool or that we simply got lucky, your mileage may vary.

Photoshop SpeedUp is a freeware, Windows-only application. [ via lifehacker ]