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If you’re wondering how to organize your Flickr sets offline as well as your tags and comments, there is a way! Download and install Desktop Flickr Organizer. It helps you do the following:
  • Upload images - you could already edit its attributes: description, title, tags, privacy, sets, etc.
  • Manage your sets. You could even add new ones. This is one thing I can’t seem to do with Postr. With just a few drag and drop choices and synchronization you could easily update your sets. Sounds great doesn’t it?
  • Edit tags, titles, descriptions, privacy settings and licenses. If you uploaded everything already and forgot the stories behind the pictures, you could add them later.

It’s got more functionality than Postr because you could sync the changes you made after you edited the properties/attributes of the ones you already uploaded. All from your desktop. You don’t have to open a web browser to do all of that.

I’ve always wanted to do this without going to Flickr.com and using the organizing tool there. It’s now easier to do things from DFO.

Some screenshots:


[via newlinuxuser]