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web upd8ShortcutKey2URL Firefox addon allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to open web sites by using any of the alphanumerical keys. The keys that are disallowed are the Function keys and the special keys (Enter, Shift, Alt etc).

There are three ways to create shortcuts:

- Access ShortcutKey2URL’s configuration window from the Tools menu and directly enter the URLs.

- Open the website in Firefox and click on the ShortcutKey2URL icon that appears on the address bar.

- Right-click on a hyperlink and click on Add ShortcutKey2URL in the context menu.

To open a URL, simply press the startup key Ctrl + Q (which can be changed) followed by the URL shortcut key. For instance, if you have set the key ‘G’ as a shortcut to open www.gmail.com , press Ctrl + Q, release the keys and then press G. You have to press the shortcut key within 5 seconds of pressing the startup key combination. The validity period of 5 seconds is indicated by a glowing ShortcutKey2URL icon in the address bar.

If you are a keyboard junkie and have no problem remembering the shortcuts, you should have a good time using this addon.

[via instantfundas.com]