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Sobees just released a new desktop client called bDule where they integrated Facebook Open Stream API, Twitter and Twitter search all in one place. bDule is based on .NET and is installable on any Windows 7 computer as well as Vista and XP if .NET is up-to-date.

bDule theme

After downloading, you'll be asked to choose a template from a variety of options, then you can track your Facebook stream in real-time with some filters, likes and comments (update the status, likes and comments within the application). bDule also enables Twitter multi-accounts view, groups, single or multi-column view, and Twitter search topics setup.

bDule screenshot

At first glance I can say it looks amazing, has good usability and works smoothly and fast. But the important bottom-line is that you get to see all the activities & stuff you care about from a single view.

[via go2web20]