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watsup ubuntuwatsup is a simple application for Ubuntu that monitors system resources and the processes using those resources and you can also use it to kill a process.

It is different from monitor programs you have seen before:

* Overhead is low, supporting a sample interval down to 0.1 seconds
* Overall system and top process resources are shown on one page
* CPU, memory, disk I/O, network I/O, and page faults are monitored
* Font can be made small (for display in a corner of the monitor) or large
* The N top-ranked processes fitting in the window are shown with minimal jumping around between samples (easier to watch one or a few processes)
* Process rank is a weighted sum of CPU, hard page faults, and disk I/O over the last several samples (sample weight declines over time)
* A process can be selected with the mouse and killed
* Optionally display processes matching given users, PIDs, or exe file names

Download the watsup .deb file from here.

After installing it, hit Alt + F2 on your keyboard and type: watsup