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Mobispine is a mobile media browser that lets you access an array of services such as reading the latest news feeds, blogging, and more, from your mobile phone all for free. It’s specialized for your Java-enabled phone, organizing and downloading news feeds to your mobile phone. You can easily search for news feeds or review the highest ranked feeds and then you’re able to subscribe to those that are of interest to you.

Mobispine allows you to blog by reaching the apps menu, finding the “Options” tab and clicking on the “New Blog” selection. This will instantly create a blog for you on the Mobispine network.

If you think Mobispine if for you and you’d like to run it directly onto your phone, all you have to do is access this link with your mobile device and your phone type is detected and if supported, the correct version corresponding to your phone will be downloaded.

If you’d like to set up the software, select a region and then a country. Next, Mobispine will provide you with a full set of links customized to your region. For example, if I told it I was in Canada, it would show me the news feeds from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. With over 200,000 sources in 50 different countries with access to over 30 languages, you’ll be able to find unlimited amounts of news from all over the world.

Check out Mobispine for the iPhone:

Within the menu you’ll find options for Tools, Mashups, New Blog Post and Tell A Friend links. In the Tools area you can change your account, check your data usage, review the settings for the client software and check for software updates.

via makeuseof.com