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Linux Unified Kernel claims to allow you to run Windows application native under Linux (I haven't tested it yet though). The installation is quite simple from what I saw, simply download the version called "Linux Unified Kernel 0.2.3 with wine and linux kernel" and then all you have to do is run this (make it executable and double click it):
and a GUI will guide you through the installation process. Select the way you want the kernel to be installed (for Wine or as Unified Kernel). Then, to run Win32 applications on Linux Unified Kernel, just do it like running a Linux program.

Here are some screenshots:


The official description of Linux Unified Kernel says that:

Linux Unified Kernel is an open source project, we hope that through developing Linux OS to be compatible with Windows applications, more and more people could access to Linux, then use and like it. It's not easy to change one's habits, but the goal is worth our joint efforts.
If you are interested in this project and eager to be one team member of us, please contact us by e-mail with your resume or phone call; if you participate in the part-time development, our open modules are available; if you just are a user of Linux Unified Kernel, your feedback or bug report is also a valuable contribution. No matter which form you choose, we all hope that there will be more open-source enthusiasts and Linux enthusiasts to participate in the development of Linux Unified Kernel project and do his bit to help the development of Linux.

# Using Linux Unified Kernel

You can just run your Windows applications on the Linux Unified Kernel as an ordinary user. We are willing to receive your views and suggestions of Linux Unified Kernel.

# Testing Linux Unified Kernel

You can also use a variety of Windows applications to test Linux Unified Kernel. If you found any problem through testing, you can tell us in the forums, and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Also, a new version is on it's way:

The new version of Linux Unified Kernel(Longene), 0.2.4, will be released on May 22nd, 2009. This version ports the file managment functions into kernel with one interface, and fixes bugs of registry managment in the previous one. With the improvement, applications will perform better on Linux Unified Kernel than on Wine.

Meanwhile, .rpm and .deb installation files will be provided for the new release to save the installing time and storage space.

The documentation does not exist in English simply because this has just recently been translated into English from Chinese