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(click the image after the website completely loads to see the effect)

A few days ago we wrote about how to implement into your website an image viewer called Shutter Reloaded, similar to Lightbox. But you can have all the images displayed in Firefox use a similar Lightbox effect, by using a Greasemonkey plugin called Greased Lightbox.

How to use: install then browse over to an image site such as Flickr or perform a Google image search. Click on an image then browse the images with the arrow keys. Press "+" to zoom in, "-" to zoom out, "0" for full size, and "x","Esc", or mouse-click on the image to exit.

The verdict: a very nice effect indeed. Not as fancy and ambitious as, say, something like CoolIris (formerly PicLens) and it’s 3D wall of images, but depending on what you like this may be a good thing.

Compatibility: works with Firefox with Greasemonkey extension or Safari with GreaseKit or Opera 8+

Install Greased Lightbox.

[via freewaregenius.com]