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[Windows] When you’re working around your computer sometimes it can be useful to pin a window to the top. Basically that will ensure that it will stay on top no matter what other window you currently have focused. For whatever reason Microsoft hasn’t incorporated a feature like this into Windows so that it can be done without a third-party tool, but there some programs that already include this kind of functionality (particularly media players).

I know there are all kinds of apps out there that can force any program to always remain on top, but DeskPins is nice because that’s all it does. It has a lot of features that are pretty handing when it comes to pinning windows, such as “autopinning” certain apps. The Autopin mode is useful if you always want, for example, the calculator to be on top you can tell DeskPins to watch for the applications to start, and if it does automatically pin it. You can also assign hotkeys so that you can toggle the mode without removing your fingers from the keyboard.

DeskPins requires a mere 10MHz CPU, 4MB of RAM, and less than 100KB of disk space. So I think it’s safe to say that you don’t have to worry about running out of system resources just because you want to use an app like this.

[via cybernetnews.com]