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Gyachi is a Yahoo! client for Linux operating system that supports almost all of the features you would expect to find on the official Windows Yahoo! client: Voice chat, webcams, faders, 'nicknames', audibles, avatars, display images, and more.

You can download the source files and plugins from here.

Ubuntu Jaunty packages:



Ubuntu Intrepid packages:



Ubuntu Hardy packages: probably the last version to support it:


Or you can add the PPA repository.

photobucketFor v4l2 webcams: you'll have to compile and use http://www.swift-tools.net/Flashcam/ - thanks and credit goes to kung fu buntu for the patch.

64 bit package

Download the 64 bit package Ver. 1.1.70
note: this package has no room voice chat feature

installing gyachi in 64 bit system with 32 bit package if you want room voice chat
in your 64 bit system with 32 deb package, install getlibs

then in the terminal, force to install:
sudo dpkg -i --force-all gyachi_1.1.70-1~jaunty_i386.deb
get the 32 bit dependencies
sudo getlibs /usr/bin/gyachi

Credits: loell user @ ubuntuforums.org