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[Linux - Gnome] There are people who find it annoying (for privacy reasons) that all documents, images, etc. that were recently accessed appear in the "Recent Documents" sub-menu of "Places". Here's how to make them not show up.

In your personal folder (eg: /home/yourname) there is a file called ".recently-used.xbel". What we need to do is delete this file, and create a folder with the same name.

We need that folder for: when the system tries to generate the file again when you open any document, it cannot create it because there is a folder with the same name.

If you want to do it within a terminal:
cd /home/yourusername

rm .recently-used.xbel

mkdir .recently-used.xbel

Not a very pro way to do it, but it works. One may think you can add a command to cron to remove that file every N minutes, but the recent documents will still appear until system restart (or until you kill the Gnome panel) so the method described in this post it much better.

[via http://www.tuxapuntes.com]