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It sounds like there isn’t going to be a dev channel release of Chrome this week — simply because they’ve already updated the stable, and beta channels this week, and simply can’t do any more because they ran out of bandwidth.

You wouldn’t think bandwidth at Google would be an issue, but it sounds like it can be. The root of the problem came from two separate “stable” updates that were pushed out last week to solve a security problem, and then a bug — and a separate “beta” release.

Today’s beta channel release includes quite a few updates and enhancements including:

  • Lots of UI tweaks, bug, and stability fixes!
  • Added the ability to remove most visited thumbnails from the New Tab page.
  • Autocomplete now pulls suggestions from search engines that support the functionality, and retains a history of those searches. For example, if you have searched from wikipedia.org in the past, start typing wikipedia.org in the omnibox, press the Tab key then a search term and suggestions and past searches will appear for Wikipedia.
  • Added a confirmation box when closing the browser with in progress downloads.
  • Added “Reopen closed tab” and create “New Tab” to the context menu on the tab bar.