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jimdoAs you may have already heard, both Geocities and Google Pages will close soon, so you may want to move your website somewhere else.

Jimdo makes it easy for Geocities and Google Pages users to save their work and migrate to Jimdo. While the Google Pages "lifeboat" isn't finished yet, Jimdo is still a great way to save your website.

Why you might want to choose Jimdo:
  • You get 5 GB of space with a 5 mb per file limit and unlimited transfer (for the free accounts)
  • There are layouts from which you can choose from / customize
  • Password-protected areas
  • Blog, comments, guest-book, comments, contact form
  • And a lot more

What i don't like about Jimdo:
  • You can't host javascript, not even renamed into .txt so I won't use it to save my Google Pages account.