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photobucketIf you haven't heard of GBridge before, here's what it does in a nutshell. Like Hamachi, it creates a zero-config virtual private network between computers. GBridge, as you might guess from the name, uses your Google credentials rather than requiring a separate login.

It's an excellent way to back up, sync, communicate with, and remote control machines you administer regardless of where they're located. One key feature missing in earlier versions was support for Google Apps for domains. The GBridge dev team has responded to numerous requests from forum users, and they're fully supported in version 2.

Sign in using your custom domain details, and GBridge will automatically display all other accounts in your domain. If you use Google Apps in your workplace, the change is a big plus and it makes GBridge a much more compelling app for business use.

To try it out, download the latest version. If you're an IT administrator and use Google Apps at work, GBridge is well worth the install.

P.s.: for some more screenshots, visit this page.