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Firefox Speed Up Script is a script for Greasemonkey that combines several tweaks to Firefox core configuration settings with site specific optimizations and various other improvements including blocking of known advertising scripts. The Greasemonkey extension for the Firefox web browser is required to use the Speed Up Script which will automatically become active after installation. This is actually one of the biggest strengths of this solution as it does not require the user to edit the Firefox configuration manually. Cautious users are advised to look at the source code of the script before they install it to get detailed information about the changes that are applied to it.

The biggest improvements are noticeable on websites that have been added by the developer of the script. Sites like the BBC, Youtube, Digg, MSN, IDMB, Lifehacker, Gizmodo or Mashable are all included in that list and should load faster than before for most users who apply the script to their computer system.

The only problem that some users could run into is that optimized sites can only be removed from the script by editing the source code. Advanced users on the other hand can use this to add new sites to the script.