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Exaile is a music manager and player for GTK+ written in Python, quite similar to Amarok. It incorporates automatic fetching of album art, handling of large libraries, lyrics fetching, artist/album information via Wikipedia, Last.fm submission support, and optional iPod support via a plugin.

In addition, Exaile also includes a built-in SHOUTcast directory browser, tabbed playlists (so you can have more than one playlist open at a time), blacklisting of tracks (so they don't get scanned into your library) and more.

New in version 0.3.0a2:

* the queue manager is back, with a shiny new interface.
* a new ratings widget lets you set ratings just by clicking on the star in the rating playlist column.
* dynamic mode now keeps a fixed-size buffer of 5 songs, so you can skip songs you dislike without running out of playlist.
* a new Device Manager which will form the core of our device system for 0.3.0. Currently only supports connecting to and playing music from usb mass storage devices autodetected by HAL.
* many new plugins, and updates to old ones
* LOTS of bugfixes

If you wish to install it (the .deb package didn't work for me), simply run this in a terminal:

bzr checkout lp:exaile

Then to run it:
cd exaile/
sh exaile

To update:
bzr update