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To install the below 2 screenlets, first open a terminal and:

sudo apt-get install screenlets

You will then find Screenlets under Applications > Accessories > Screenlets.

1. Folderview


If you use Gnome and want to have a folder view like KDE's built in similar feature or Windows 'Fences', then this screenlet is what you're looking for.

2. SysMonitor PLUS


Is a screenlet that looks a lot like Conky except it doesn't involve as much customization and also comes with a GUI, so it's easier to use for some people.

This screenlet can display many information some of them:

- date, time
- holiday first names
- weather of the three places
- course
- stock
- CPU load, multi CPU/core load
- memory and swap load
- local and external IP
- network usage
- network statistic
- disks usage
- list of more CPU consuming processes
- Wi-Fi signal quality
- Battery capacity
- uptime, logintime
- system information: kernel, host name, distrib