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photobucketWindows Live team has announced the availability of Web Messenger for Windows Live Hotmail. With this feature you can chat with your friends in Live messenger without having to install it in the desktop. You will be able to send instant messages from the Windows Live Hotmail and People pages. So if you are using computer from friends place or a public computer, you can still chat with Hotmail contacts.

Here’s what you get with the new web Messenger:

  • You can sign in to and send instant messages from any computer connected to the Internet, even if it doesn’t have Windows Live Messenger installed.
  • You can also send IMs to your Messenger contacts from the People page (your contact list). Just click the contact’s picture, and you’ll see Send an instant message on the dropdown menu.
  • photobucketIn Hotmail, if one of your Messenger contacts sends you e-mail, you’ll see their Messenger availability indicated in green, yellow, or red right by their name. If it’s green, click it and instantly start chatting
  • If you have more than one Windows Live ID, you can sign in to web Messenger and regular Messenger at the same time, with different IDs.
  • Don’t worry, people can only see your availability if you’ve agreed to be their Messenger contacts. You can sign in and use Hotmail or any other Windows Live service without signing in to web Messenger, so nobody can start chatting with you until you decide to let them know you’re available.