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Send To Flickr Bookmarklet is just a Javascript bookmarklet which allows you to easily upload images found while browsing to your Flickr account with a single click.

All you have to do is copy the code below and add a new bookmark pointing to it (as if it was an URL):
javascript:t='';for(var n=0;n<document.images.length;n++){t+='<a href=/ onclick=\'document.f.url.value=document.images['+n+'].src;document.f.submit();return false;\'><img border=0 src='+document.images[n].src+'></a><br>'};if(t!=''){document.write('\<p\>Click an image to add it to your photostream\</p\>\<form name=f action=http://www.flickr.com/tools/sendto.gne method=get\>\<input type=hidden name=url\>\</form\>'+t+'');void(document.close())}else{alert('No images!')}

Click it when you want to upload images from a web page, to Flickr.