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ConvoTrack is a tool thatuses the BackType API and enables you to see what's being said about a keywoard / website on many services, from a browser tab or sidebar. Here is an example:


To views conversations about a certain url, simply add it after . For example:

(I couldn't use a link from our website because we redirect all frame trafic back to the website).

This will display relevant search results, references and links from sites like Twitter, FriendFeed, HackerNews, Digg, Reddit, and even blog comments.

ConvoTrack also comes with a handy bookmarklet that you can drag to your browser toolbar. When you’re reading an interesting article, you can instantly view what’s being said about it across social media sites by clicking the bookmarklet, and share the link with others while you’re at it. Remember: all this without having to leave the website where the article was published. Finally, a small embeddable script allows website owners to place a button on their site, enabling visitors to access the conversation on the social web in just one click.

[via techcrunch.com]