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photobucketPasteHTML is a new solution that will empower you to post a HTML file to the Internet, in an anonymous manner. Not only is the page posted anonymously, but you have to furnish no personally identifiable information in order to upload the file.

Note that if you intend to link images or external Javascript files in the HTML, these should be hosted elsewhere – the system can no accommodate that.

Theoretically speaking, you can upload whatever you want, but you must bear in mind that once uploaded a page can not be deleted. It can be modified, though, and content can be edited and erased. But the page per se will not be deleted. As a matter of fact, the page will be hosted indefinitely.

On the whole, this is a convenient tool that functions in a very intuitive and straightforward fashion. It is also available at no cost whatsoever. If you wish to give it a spin just station your browser at www.pastehtml.com and you are on your way.