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Following right after the news that Mozilla plans to integrate the powerful command-line task interface Ubiquity, there's now a TaskFox prototype and a demo video available. The prototype and the demo give you good a taste of the way people will probably interact with tasks in their browsers in the very near future. Although the appearance of the TaskFox interface is obviously pretty rough so far, this preview does cover a lot of the major things users do in Ubiquity.

TaskFox actually improves on Ubiquity in an important way: results are entire keyboard-navigable. Being able to accomplish tasks mouse-free is one of the major advantages of a product like Ubiquity, so it's exciting to see TaskFox taking it to the next level. There are also some cool "tear-off" features, where you can drag out TaskFox results that you want to leave on your screen. If this is the future of Firefox, count me in.