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photobucketFirefox Addon Foxden lets you set up a framed page that renders separate Web pages within the same space. This doesn't work on all sites, especially ones that like as much screen real estate as possible; but for some it's a handy way to consolidate pages you want to keep open without filling up your available tab space. This Firefox addon is experimental so you will need an account to be able to install it (it only takes a few seconds and of course, it's free).

Foxden has an extremely simple language that allows you to split up a window into rows and columns and put a different url in each.

The URL is usually a productivity webapp you use regularly, such as your webmail, a calendar, a TODO list, Remember The Milk, your bug tracker, Twitter, anything really.

The URL can also be a local file, in which case Foxden wraps it in an editor widget, so you can takes notes locally.

Or the URL can be a 'chrome' URL, if you know what you're doing. You can embed Firefox inside a Foxden pane.