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yauba search engineYauba is a new, experimental, Indian search engine that seeks to transform the way people find information online, while providing maximum protection for their safety, security and privacy. Launched in "early beta/late alpha" mode on March 2009 after stealth development in Bangalore, Delhi, and London, Yauba is based on over 25 years of cutting edge research from the Indian Institutes of Technology, the University of Delhi, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and the University of California at Berkeley. As a result, Yauba offers some of the most advanced Internet technologies, features, and innovations in the world.

Yauba has quite a few advanced searches built-in, such as: real-time, torrents, blogs, mainstream news sites, images, videos, answers, social networks, word, pds, power-point and so on.

When searching in "All places", you get search results from "Internet websites" with thumbnails, then comes a second panel with "Social News" and then "Blogs" and these three categories remain on the page while going to the next pages.

Being an experimental search engine, it doesn't cover a lot (index) of website for now but it seems quite good already and tries to provide things other search engines lack: real-time, social networking and files, by default, on it's front page.

Most search engines try to gather and record as much information about their users as possible. They (or their parent companies) operate massive server farms with even more massive databases that secretly record your entire search history, your private contacts, the identity of your family and friends, your personal emails, your conversations and chats, your browsing habits, your physical location, details on the software you use on your computer, your IP address, and much much more. This is no exaggeration. Indeed, if you ever saw exactly how much most search engines actually know about your private details, you would be completely shocked.

At Yauba, we completely reject the view that search engines somehow need to keep mountains of data on their own users. Instead, we take the exact opposite approach. We do everything we can to protect the privacy of our users.
  • This is why we do not keep any record of any of your search terms, browsing habits or any other personally identifiable information.
  • This is why we automatically delete any and every piece of personally identifiable information from our servers on a continuous basis.
  • This is why we can have the shortest privacy policy (9 words) of any major Internet service in the world.
  • This is why you can visit almost every Internet site through the main Yauba service on a completely anonymous basis (with the only exception of file types that use other external third party software or plug-ins for downloading or playing).

When we say we take the security and privacy of our users very seriously, we truly mean it.

The developers say they don't care about the number of website indexed by their service, but their quality or "intelligence":

We simply mean the ability to think, process information, and respond like a human being. For example, regardless of the size of their index, most traditional search engines still cannot come close to replicating an ordinary human being's ability to recognise common sense concepts.

Overall, Yauba is an interesting and useful search engine which i already bookmarked (until I'll remember the name) with a lot of potential. It's worth a try.