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I was recently looking for an Avant Window Navigator replacement and tried out most of the docks out there. And then i saw that Cairo Dock, which wasn't near one of the best has a new version only downloadable on it's website (with .deb files for Ubuntu too) and after trying it, i was amazed.

Download it from here (download both Cairo Dock and Plugins!).

You can run the new Cairo Dock in two ways: using OpenGL or Cairo. You will be asked when launching:

but if you want to start it by default in OpenGL mode, use this:
cairo-dock -o

or use -c for Cairo, though it's best to run it in OpenGL to use all the effects.

The configuration panel looks like the one used in Compiz (Compiz-Config Settings Manager) and everything is customizable:


It also comes with a lot of themes who's every aspect is customizable, including applets, effects, system tools and so on. Here is a video with some themes and effects:

If you're into eye-candy, the new Cairo Dock is a must for you!

Note: you obvsiously need Compiz enabled for this to work!

Update: the new final version 2.0.0 of Cairo Dock is here!